BLOG 8🏑February 2016🏠

🏑   Half term spent at cottage, nice change not having to rush back !

Few jobs sorted:-Β  Chimney Sweep in to check the wood burner & camera up flue to check in one piece, everything good so it was lit to warm the house !


Aga was looked at & good news, just needs a good service & clean & should look like new afterwards !


Thatcher was in to check the back thatch & quote, also the ridge will be sorted on front thatch & all the moss will be brushed off, should look much better.


So this weekend new front & back door to be fitted, that will be a great improvement for keeping in the heat !Β  The back door has been letting in the wet & cold, believe it is an internal door, hopeless !


Spent our days going to the coast, Sidmouth, Charmouth, Lyme Regis, West Bay, all lovely places, the dogs enjoyed it too !




Now who recognises this house ? Hint: David Tennant !


So until next time, thank you for reading this update !


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