BLOG 5🏡December 2015🏠

🏡  Spent 4 days at the cottage after Christmas which was great, relaxing time this visit with Katherine & Abbie, James & Sam came for an overnight & we spent the morning in Lyme Regis with breakfast at The Bell Cliff, love it when places accept the dogs too !👍



Amazing how calm the harbour was !

One thing we’ve realised here is that a lot of restaurants were closed for Katherine’s birthday ! Seemed to be an extra long holiday period ! Where were we going to eat ? Found one in Lyme Regis which was pleasant, but no other choices, nearly resorted to a takeaway !  Mum & Ted were visiting overnight so they joined us. The winds were amazing on the beach when we left the restaurant !

Visited Seaton Beach today, still wet & very windy weather but very mild for December !  ☔We got very wet !




So we needed a nice cozy pub & meal so travelled along the coast to Beer Village & relaxed in the local pub, the Anchor Hotel !  Again dogs welcome !

Well it’s time to go back tomorrow morning unfortunately to our rental, if we stayed one more day they are holding the tradition of dipping in the sea in fancy dress on New Year’s Day in Lyme Regis !  Now who fancies that !!! 🌊☔🏊🌊☔🏊🌊☔

BLOG 6🏡January 2016🏠

🏡  It’s January 2016 & no snow YET ! Glad though as it means the driveway has progressed and should be finished by this weekend so next photos it will be completed !  This is progress so far up to last weekend:







It was dog walking time so walked around the village, still quite wet & muddy, the views are amazing !




And look at our house on the hill, taken from the Village Hall.

We’ve ordered new front door, keeping the black front door but new interior door & back door.  Back door needs attention as it leaks & letting in the cold weather as not sealed properly, so quite cold in the kitchen !

We’ve started looking at decorating so started on smallest cupboard, the larder ! Needed the old shelves removing & holes in walls filled.  Looking at paint charts for next stage, thinking maybe a cream colour to brighten everywhere, colour is yellow in the kitchen at the moment, which is nice but needs a new fresh colour.


So looking forward to seeing the driveway so here’s to the next blog….xx

BLOG 10 🏡April 2016🏠

🏡  Decided to change the two rooms downstairs around, using the log burner when you’re not sitting in the room seemed daft so moved settees into that room, they are slightly big but fine for now….


Back out to garden as weather so good at the moment, thought next job would be to pull apart the chicken house as we are clearing that side of the garden……


BUT look what the chicken house was resting on ! Wheels …! Maybe you could move it around ?


Another shed to knock down was next to the original outside toilet ! (Will not be using that !) From this….



To this……… (that’s the toilet house !)


Problem is we’ve got to get rid of three huge piles of brambles, trees & wood now !! Now it’s lucky across the road lives a neighbour who has a tree cutting/garden clearance & shredder company so when we ready it can go ! Oh and that’s where we get our fresh eggs too ! Handy eh !


Garden looking much clearer on this side now, gained metres due to those nasty brambles, you can see in photo how much gained & where the original chicken house stood.


Well that’s April photos sorted & blogged, it’s May on Sunday so here’s to next blog……thank you for reading xx

BLOG 15 🏡February 2017💐🌼🌺🌸

🏡Scaffold is up all ready to make a start Monday 20th, back thatch as you can see in photo is in poor condition now so right time to replace it. Three sides are being replaced, front section is fine. May replace porch thatch too….

The velux windows will be taken out & replaced with all thatch, felt the thatch would flow better as all one piece, the windows are in two of the bedrooms but both rooms have windows so not needed. 

The ‘valley’ section between the two roofs will be repaired with new lead to drain water away properly. 

🏡Great views of the back garden up here🏡

Side view 🌲🌳

Road side view across to church, school & village hall

This is a project running for approx 6 weeks so further blogs coming very soon….🏡

BLOG 16 🏡March/April 2017

🏡Here goes, thatch coming off !

Thatch is making wonderful progress, looks so different, very neat, what a great skill to have.

Lead work between the two roofs looking much much better, no leaks now!

Remember how awful it used to look, leaking all over the place !

Look at that chimney ! Planning to get painted during thatch work 🏞

Old velux windows coming out, looking better.

How the roof looked with the windows & old thin thatch….the thatch depth should have been up & over edge of windows….

Nicely painted facias in deep brown colour, trying to remove all the black paint. Painting the corner lights in brown too as they were black & white but all peeled off.


BLOG 19🏡Last week of April 2017

🏡 Started stripping the porch ready for new thatch….

How can the porch have so much thatch on it, amazing !

Some of the wood needs replacing on roof, must also paint woodwork on door & frame, taking away the black colour.  

Painting done, black colour nearly all gone. 

These two pheasants will have pride of place on top of roof BUT a big discussion is where do they go….together or apart ?!

Decision decided, one on each ridge, so cute ! 

Look at that porch now, love it ! Notice the painted chimney and what’s that on the roof !

The cows in the field wondering what’s going on or maybe they’re not bothered!

Big job next are the outside walls to be painted a nice cream colour, what a job that will be !!  Made a start, primer first….

This side of house is high so making use of scaffold for an extra week so must get as much painted as possible this weekend !  *So managed to get top half of wall painted with primer & one coat of parchment colour, the weather wasn’t the best for one of the days !*  So must give it final coat next weekend, hopefully finish bottom half of wall too !

‘Wobbly floor’ bedroom will be sorted soon by local carpenter…..

Well it’s 1st May soon, here’s to all the May jobs on next Blog ! 🏡 Enjoy….x

BLOG 20 🏡Month of May 2017🏠

🏡 Starting this blog with a ‘countryside’ photo from our bedroom window….🐮🐄

Taken out old heating tank cupboard in ‘wobbly floor’ bedroom as not needed….

Beam uncovered & original wall exposed,  new flooring has been started, stripping out the wooden floorboards and repairing couple of supports underneath, treating them and finishing off with flooring, decided on carpet in the bedrooms.

Put up temporary ceiling in kitchen, if you remember part fell down after a bath tap leaking through from upstairs when water was switched on for first time after a year & half being an empty house, soaked through kitchen ceiling and there you go, ceiling on floor !!

This last week of May we thought we should be painting the rest of that outside wall of the house…

but we are only visiting for a day so this is what we decided instead….to get on with the patio area so we moved the Summer House or Beach Hut as I like to think of it ! What a job that was, all in a day ! From one corner to this area was a challenge, emptied it out first ( it’s acting as a shed at the moment ) and moved each panel and put back together in right area…..actually it’s where the outside toilet used to be !

Base down, after removing broken toilet !

All complete !

And the view….🏡

Until next time….enjoy 🏡 Oh forgot one other thing, decided we wanted the pheasants tails up instead of down, they now look happier !!

BLOG 21🏡Month of June 2017 – Our MOVING IN Month

🏡  This is the Month we have waited for & by the end of it we’ll have moved in ! 🌞 🏖  🏝

In the garden we moved the ‘Beach Hut/Summer House to the area of the ‘outside toilet’ (Imagine when that was last used ?!)  Made the patio area all clear of weeds & levelled the soil.  

Andy removed concrete slabs, broke them up & put them & the other rubble into a path edge around the hut, to then fill with concrete/sand and finally shingle.  The edges to hold all this in will be sleepers, needing a couple of steps made as hut is higher than patio. Good way to bury the rubble.

Wobbly floor in bedroom is now sorted, can now walk ‘straight’ in the room!🐭 Couple mice nests found when lifted floor 🐭…& very dusty boards ! What a job that was to clear the floorboards to the rubbish tip ! Still have another trip to make but most has gone.

(completed floor photo coming soon !)

Here’s to moving in next, but where’s all our stuff gonna go ?!  Oh well, sort it all one day, maybe when it rains because we’re gonna be at the beach otherwise !! 🏖  🏝 🍦 🍨 🌊 🐾 

BLOG 23 🏡 Chickens are here🐔🐔 21st July 2017


🐔🐔 Chickens now in the family (Egg laying family members only) !!🐔 Pouring with rain we visited Manor Farm, only 15 mins away,  luckily for us & them they were indoors. He had quite a few, different ages, we picked 4 aged 12 weeks, trying to catch them was fun, oh no not by us but the expert farmer ! Should hopefully start laying in around 6 weeks 🐔, so looking forward to first egg, who’s gonna have that, me ?!  Abbie held the box tight on the car journey home, little tweets coming out of the box, but they were fine, got home & straight into coop & run, not sure to come out at first but lovin’ it now 🐔

Abbie has spent many hours in with them, even in the pouring rain under a cover, feeding from her hand, stroking them, handling them, they’re used to her already ! 🐔

Their first morning was the perfect picture & they climbed up there themselves ! 

Introducing Gwen….

Introducing Nessa……

Introducing Pam & Dawn…….

Where did those names come from…name the TV Show ?! 🐥

Oh dear Smudge, have to keep away ! Toby is playing up too, fingers crossed they calm down eventually ! 🐔

Brilliant photos taken by Abbie sitting in with them x 🐔🐔🐔

Next move is to corner off the garden with fencing, put the coop & run behind it so the dogs realise they cannot reach the chickens & let the chickens have a good run around.  So while they’re young they seem fine but planning soon to expand the area….🐔 and that will be another job sorted ! 🐔

August…..Expanded the area for them, have lots to explore now ! 

                  🐔Just chillin’ out ! 🐔