BLOG 3🏑November 2015🏠

🏑 Β Brilliant, completion happened today Thursday 12th Nov 2015 ! Moved some items in but need to spend time giving a good clean, its’ been empty for over a year !

Soon the builder is starting work on the garage & knocking it down & plumber installing a new boiler, heat at last ! Knocking the garage down will make all the difference to parking next to the cottage !

Now this is interesting, the cottage was originally named ‘The XVII Century Farmhouse’, this house sign was found tucked in the garage, where shall we put it ?


Found this paperwork of an auction back to 1981 about the cottage named as above, so interesting 🏑


Need to get the house clean & get down to that coast as soon as possible ! πŸ„ Yes, made it Saturday morning, Lyme Regis so empty this time in the morning !



Favourite Book Shop in Lyme Regis High Street at night ! XX


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