BLOG 4 🏑December 2015🏠

🏑  Went to Cottage today to check on new heating system & garage is being knocked down !

Everything seemed good with the garage, lots of rubble & soil to get rid of !



Then walked into a heated house, felt good, BUT
the kitchen had a different story awaiting us !!  As the water system had been off for over a year & now our new boiler installed & water switched back on, the bath tap upstairs had a leak & has dripped down pipework & soaked part of the kitchen ceiling !! Of course we thought it was a problem made by boiler installation but discovered this leak under the bath so quick tightening up of tap & dripping stopped, luckily ! But part of ceiling fell down, so another job and hopefully be fine to fix !



All cleared up, no need for red bucket now !

Well that was a busy day, hopefully not too many more surprises but suppose that’s what it’s all about buying such an old cottage ! 🏑


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