BLOG 13 🏡November 2016🏠

🏡  Recently bought a chicken coop, it’s lovely, so cute! After reading lots of information on right sort of coop to buy decided on a complete plastic version, easier to clean !  Took a while to take apart to fit in the car, got there in the end!  Just need to decide where to place it in the garden.   Looking forward to this project, with lots of chicken books on the shelf,  hoping to re-home ex-caged chickens giving them their rightful freedom.🐔🐣🐓🐥

🏡Thatcher has been booked, hopefully February time.  Quite alot of thatch is dropping off including moss, think birds have something to do with it too but does need replacing, will be a good improvement. Looking a bit thin & tired ! 🏡

So come February time,  suppose weather permitting, scaffold will go up just at the back & sides as front section of thatch not being replaced, also lead flash in between the two roofs will be ‘stepped’ as it’s flat at the moment. As lead tucks under thatch it needs to be sorted at same time. No more drips indoors onto the carpets !

🏡Until next blog…..🏡

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