BLOG 10 🏡April 2016🏠

🏡  Decided to change the two rooms downstairs around, using the log burner when you’re not sitting in the room seemed daft so moved settees into that room, they are slightly big but fine for now….


Back out to garden as weather so good at the moment, thought next job would be to pull apart the chicken house as we are clearing that side of the garden……


BUT look what the chicken house was resting on ! Wheels …! Maybe you could move it around ?


Another shed to knock down was next to the original outside toilet ! (Will not be using that !) From this….



To this……… (that’s the toilet house !)


Problem is we’ve got to get rid of three huge piles of brambles, trees & wood now !! Now it’s lucky across the road lives a neighbour who has a tree cutting/garden clearance & shredder company so when we ready it can go ! Oh and that’s where we get our fresh eggs too ! Handy eh !


Garden looking much clearer on this side now, gained metres due to those nasty brambles, you can see in photo how much gained & where the original chicken house stood.


Well that’s April photos sorted & blogged, it’s May on Sunday so here’s to next blog……thank you for reading xx

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