BLOG 50🏡 December/January 2020🏠

🏡   Decision made in January……decided to close the Shop Area at Colyton,  we’ve decided we are selling more on our Ebay Shop Online and monthly payment a lot lower than the Shop at Colyton.  A big decision but moving on, maybe in the future have another Shop Area.  Ebay hopefully will be fun.  We now have alot of stock all boxed & ready to be added to our Ebay Shop, gradually adding it. Our most popular item at the moment are tea sets amazingly,  the challenge with these is the packing to post & getting it to the buyer in one piece !   Success at the moment.  So moving all items to this Shop we are working on social media also to advertise items so next Blog with updated details hopefully.Cannot wait for Spring & Summer, weather has been very bitter lately so garden being neglected.  The dogs love being in the garden so hurry up sunny weather ! Edna & Edith have been with us for a year now (25th January) and they seem happy & settled, think Smudge & Toby realise now that they are staying & not just overnight !  Look at Toby here, now dropped weight to 17.70kg,  that’s 6kg weight loss since last April, sooo good 👍😃🐕Little Edith here looking all fluffed up in the garden, her favourite place 🐕🐶Lyme Regis is as nice as ever, especially enjoy it when the tide is way out, the dogs love the run around, only issue that bothers me is when we let Edith off the lead she tends to run off to other dogs as she loves them so you can shout her name over & over but no she wants to play !  But I realise the more you let her off the lead the easier it will get, eventually, hopefully ! But she LOVES it and has great fun running around & keeps us fit !   Issue that is brewing with regard to dogs on the beach at Lyme is that there is talk to completely ban them ALL year from using the beach, I’ve given my opinion on this matter, so we will see what happens, would be dreadful if the ban is enforced.

2 thoughts on “BLOG 50🏡 December/January 2020🏠

  1. Lovely photos of your area and of the woofs. What a fun place to live. Hope you are all keeping well with the current issues. Glad you made it safely back from your birthday trip too. Keep well. Angela x


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