BLOG 54 🏑May 2020🏑

🏑 As promised in an earlier Blog have been working on all the media sites to advertise our Ebay Shop, we enjoy sourcing and supplying a broad range of Retro, Antique & Vintage items of good quality, sometimes there are items that show age & wear that are too good or important to throw away but there is always a good home for these treasured items. So please have a browse of our Shop and hopefully there will be something of interest to tempt you….

Our section we used to have in Colyton, all now being added to our Ebay Shop
Love this Art Deco Bell China Tea Set currently available for sale
Lovely Mr Quaker flour shaker/sifter currently for Sale
Lovely Teapot by Tony Wood, Staffordshire, love this item.
Very nice Ouzo Glasses, unusual set, SOLD
A lovely boat shaped Cruet Set for Sale soon.

Thank you for reading today & take care everyone during these difficult times.

Twitter @honeycottageV

Instagram @honeycottagevintage



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