BLOG 55🌞June 2020🌻⚘ 3 Years living in Devon

🌞 Passed May Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, nothing different happening, but allowed to travel distance just for the day, no stopovers & keeping 2 metres distance at all times, better than total lockdown I reckon but really hard trying to be careful around people, hoping they avoid me too !! We visited local Lyme Regis Beach for the first time in weeks, loved the freedom & not too busy as we go dog walking early. Been back for a second walk this Holiday weekend & was bit busier on the beach but not too bad, everyone wanted some of the wonderful sunshine we are having at the moment. Shops will be allowed to open middle of June with precautions in place, certainly going to be different going shopping everywhere for a long, long time. Maybe we’ll get so used to it all it will stay like it !!

It’s now 22nd June……been out & about being careful everywhere, quite quiet really. It seems busy with cars but when reaching destination its quite quiet with people. Shops have been allowed to open with social distancing last week, queues forming outside, not sure what they are like inside for shopping as do not fancy that at all at the moment. Did try a car boot last Saturday….nice lot of stalls but not the usual crowds so easy walking around and keeping distance. Next week its the turn of the restaurants & pubs to open…..lets wait and see how that all goes ! Update announced today (23/06) that 4th July all holiday sites, camp sites, tourism sites can re-open so just picture that for a moment…….one word comes to mind & frightens me……traffic (or two words ) …..traffic & caravans !!!

Jobs that are finishing ! Finished the railway sleeper steps in front of the Summer House, looking so good. Moved them from an area which was divided into two sections, one higher level with the Summer House on it originally but now dropped it lower to all the same level & re-used the sleepers for the steps….so no cost involved ! Added wood frame flower beds around the base to finish off the area so looking good.

Wall remaining is part of the Outside Toilet !

The area the house moved from is being cleared & section lowered but to do this we’ve had to remove lots & lots of rubble we had buried to raise this section and put the house on it, so yes you can imagine what size pile we are left with….so a skip has had to be ordered….so quess what we’re doing in next couple of days ! It’s the only way to do it !

The pile just got bigger & bigger !!

The far corner of the garden which was cleared recently of bags & bags of garden/wood rubbish to get rid of will be filled with a shed next week….waited so long to sort a shed, we have no garage to put garden tools in etc so they’ve been hanging around in the Summer House causing chaos everytime you went in to get something so what a great sort out it’s going to be !!

Pile of rubbish from corner where shed will be, now all gone to the tip !!

Something we’ve needed to sort for ages is to have good hosepipes around the garden, we have to have them for the thatch roof if needed, rule of the Insurance Co. so bought one for the front of the house & to make it easier bought one for the garden plants & cleaning the chicken coop in back garden so just bought same make hosepipe so all adaptors fit, makes life so much easier ! Our previous hosepipe was a cheaper one but for some strange reason it did not like the water pressure from the garden tap, even turning it on very slightly, it would pop the spray gadget off every time, been wet on a few occasions !! So anyway all sorted now, never want to have to use it for the thatch but have to be prepared !



2 thoughts on “BLOG 55🌞June 2020🌻⚘ 3 Years living in Devon

  1. Three years already and so much done! You seem to have really settled into your new life and love it. Hope there are not too many grockels arriving from 4 July to fill the roads near you. Xx


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